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Latest News & Updates

Umbrella Policies-Customized Protection for High Earners
Business owners or executives—are increasingly at risk from threats to their assets and personal wealth. Most people have a portfolio of personal insurance policies, but a business owner or a top executive has a much different level of risk and should have a greater awareness of that risk—and the tools to protect him or herself.
The AHCA-- What Employers Need to Know
The good news for employers is that most of the changes will be targeted for the individual market, rather than employer-based health insurance. The bad news is that the new dynamics will affect the insurance industry at large in unpredictable ways, which could re-create the confusion and uncertainty of the early ACA years.
American Health Care Act -Congressional Republicans’ ACA Replacement
The proposed American Health Care Act (“AHCA”) retains many of the ACA’s key features while making substantial changes in other areas.
House Committees Release Proposed Legislation to Repeal and Replace the ACA
On Monday, March 6, the U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means and Energy and Commerce Committees released the American Health Care Act (AHCA), their proposed legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
Trends in Discrimination & Harrassment Lawsuits
The problem of discrimination and harassment in the workplace continues to be a big issue for employers—in part because employees are filing more retaliation claims, and because definitions are expanding.